Get ready with your groovy moves this Diwali, by taking part in our second University Dance Competition. The inaugural edition of this competition attracted top talent from area universities and was a highlight event of Cary Diwali 2018. The competing teams showed off their best in Bhangra and Bollywood dances. This year, we are opening the KokaBooth Theatre to more Indian dance forms and invite you to don your creative hats, pump the energy, turn up the heat, and bring a 15,000-strong crowd to its feet!! Watch this space for competition guidelines and the application form!


  • Must be a North Carolina University Team
  • Participation: Group effort
  • India Dance Forms (Bollywood, Bhangra, Folk etc)


  • 11:59 pm, September 15, 2019


  • Winner Cash Prize - $1000
  • Participants Team will get $250


  • Winners will be carefully chosen by a panel of judges identified by Hum Sub Board members. Their decision will be final and uncontested.
  • The judges will follow a rubric and will be impartial to dance style.


    Please contact us well in advance of the deadline for support with the submission of your application or clarifying questions by emailing: and adding “University Dance Competition” in the subject line.